Sub-Committee on Space Technology and Applications (SCOSA)

Terms of Reference


The ASEAN Experts Group on Remote Sensing (AEGRS) since 1993 has requested for its status to be elevated to that of a Sub-Committee. In response, ASEAN-COST at its 34th Meeting in 1997 requested AEGRS to study the possibility of expanding its activity beyond remote sensing and to propose a framework for enhancing ASEAN collaboration in space technology applications for development for its consideration.

ASEAN-COST at its 37th Meeting agreed in principle for AEGRS to be elevated to an ASEAN Sub-Committee. ASEAN-COST at its 38th Meeting formally endorsed the elevation of AEGRS to ASEAN Sub-Committee on Space Technology and Applications (SCOSA). Malaysia was designated the Interim Chairman of SCOSA and requested to prepare the Terms of Reference (TOR) for COST review.

Composition and Participation

All ASEAN member countries shall be represented in SCOSA and each country shall appoint one focal point for coordination purposes. Chairmanship shall be rotated among ASEAN member countries in line with current ASEAN procedures and practices.

SCOSA will establish Working Groups and/or Project Management Committees (PMCs) to carry out specific activities or projects as and when the need arises.


The funding of activities to be implemented by SCOSA will be from ASEAN member countries, on the basis of the country’s ability and willingness to participate. Additionally, assistance may also be sought from dialogue partners, donor countries, financial institutions and international agencies.

Meeting Procedure

SCOSA shall hold and conduct its meeting according to the following procedures:

  1. SCOSA shall hold two (2) meetings a year and the venue of the meeting shall be rotated among ASEAN member countries;
  2. The agenda of SCOSA meeting is to be agreed upon by all the members;
  3. The Chairperson of SCOSA will chair the meeting;
  4. The ASEAN Secretariat shall be represented in SCOSA meeting;
  5. All working papers shall be prepared and circulated well in advance of SCOSA meeting;
  6. Report of SCOSA activities shall be presented to every COST meeting;
  7. SCOSA may invite non-ASEAN participants as and when necessary.

Priority Areas for 2007-2011:

  1. Geoinformatics
  2. Communication and satellite technology applications
  3. Micro/small satellites, sensors and ground facilities

Specific Objectives

The main objective of SCOSA is to formulate the framework for enhancing collaboration in space technology and its applications and to implement programmes and projects towards operationalisations of these technologies for sustainable development in the ASEAN region.

To achieve the above objective, the functions of SCOSA shall be to:

  1. Formulate and coordinate collaborative and cooperative programmes and projects on space technology and its applications, in particular, remote sensing, satellite meteorology, communication and satellite technology applications for environmental and natural resource management, and development planning;
  2. Review the status and capability of space technology in the region and promote this technology for natural resource and environment management and sustainable development;
  3. Recommend mechanisms to involve government agencies, industries and academe in promoting and sustaining regional cooperation in space technology and its applications;
  4. Exchange information on national policies, programmes and planning in all areas of space technology and its applications among member countries;
  5. Facilitate and accelerate the transfer of space technology and its applications to the ASEAN region;
  6. Promote collaborative activities and projects on space technology and its applications with relevant international organizations;
  7. Advise COST on matters relating to space technology and its applications.
  8. Assist in securing financial support and seek funding sources for ASEAN activities and projects relating to space technology and its applications.

Click here for directory of SCOSA Focal Points

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