Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology (SCMIT)

Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology (SCMIT) – Terms of Reference & Projects

SCMIT seeks to develop and enhance the capabilities of ASEAN Member States (AMS) in Microelectronics and Information Technology and its related areas, from basic research to applied technologies. The sub-committee aims to promote and coordinate the undertaking of research and development, technology transfer, capacity building, and prototyping projects in microelectronics, information and communication technology (ICT) and related areas according to the strategic thrusts of ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI) 2016-2025. 

The priority areas of SCMIT for the period of 2016-2025: 

a) Microelectronics 

b) Internet of Things 

c) Big Data Processing and Analytics 

d) Cyber Security 

e) Embedded Systems and Sensors 

f) Robotics and Automation 

g) Cloud and Edge Computing 

h) Artificial Intelligence 

i) Telecommunications 

j) Blockchain 

The Chairmanship will be for a period of 3 years and follow the schedule based on rotation of Chairmanship by alphabetical order. 

Chair 2024-2026: Brunei Darussalam

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