ASEAN Committee on Science,
Technology, and Innovation (COSTI)

ASEAN Committee on Science,
Technology, and Innovation (COSTI) ​

Functions of COSTI

The policies for the ASEAN S&T cooperation are set by the annual Meetings of the ASEAN Ministers for Science and Technology. The ASEAN COSTI is responsible for setting directions, coordinating activities of subsidiary groups, creating public awareness of regional S&T activities and their contribution to economic development, and reviewing overall progress of collaboration, including the progress of its relations with the ASEAN’s Dialogue Partners as well as other external collaborators.

Management of COSTI 

The Chairmanship of the ASEAN COSTI is held on a rotational basis among the ASEAN countries in alphabetical order, and synchronized with the Chairmanship of the Ministerial Meetings. The ASEAN COSTI meets twice a year to review the progress of regional programmes, provide support for new programmes and projects, and give direction to the implementation of programmes and projects by its subsidiary groups.

At the national level, the leading official in the ASEAN COSTI, also known as the national COSTI Chairman, is generally the highest ranking administrative officer in charge of science and technology in the respective Member Countries.

ASEAN Secretariat support to COSTI

The Science and Technology Division of the Sectoral Development Directorate of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Department of the ASEAN Secretariat, provides the ASEAN COSTI with coordinating and technical support functions. The ASEAN COSTI reports to the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation (AMMSTI) and to the AEC Council.