ASEAN-India Science & Technology Development Fund (AISTDF)

ASEAN-India Science & Technology Collaboration formally started in 1996 with establishment of ASEAN India S&T working group (AIWGST). Initially, the collaborative S&T projects and activities between India and ASEAN were supported through ASEAN India Fund (AIF) but in 2008, a dedicated ASEAN India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF) with an equivalent amount of 1 million US $ was established jointly by MEA and DST to support R&D projects and associated project development activities. The AISTDF was enhanced to an equivalent amount of 5 Million US$ through an announcement by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on sidelines of ASEAN-India Summit in Malaysia in November 2015. The ASEAN-India Innovation Platform is the major element of enhanced AISTDF.

Several projects and scientific activities have been supported and implemented under ASEAN India S&T program which includes-

  1. ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D on Thermally Sprayed Ceramic-Based Coatings
  2. R&D project on Extent of Transfer of Alien Invasive Organisms (Nuisance) in South/SE Asia Region by Shipping
  3. Training Course on Analysis of Chemicals and Biological Contaminants in Raw and Processed Products for ASEAN Countries
  4. R&D project entitled “The Indian Ocean Dipole Mode, El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Monsoon Interactions and their Socio-Economic Impacts on India-ASEAN Nations.
  5. ASEAN-India S&T Digital Library;
  6. Training program on Quality System in Manufacturing.
  7. Participation of ASEAN school children have participated in India’s National Children Science Congress (NCSC).
  8. Thematic workshop/ technology mission (technology mission on functional food, renewable energy, marine biotechnology, ASEAN food conference) were also organized and participated in last couple of years.

Scientific activities planned for support under ASEAN-India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF):

The major scientific activities/ program finalised for support under AISTDF are as below-

  1. ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D through projects
  2. ASEAN-India Research & Training Fellowship for ASEAN professionals
  3. Participation of ASEAN School Children in National Children Science Congress
  4. ASEAN-India Innovation Platform.
  5. Partnership Development Activities namely workshops, seminars, training programs, technology exhibitions/Fairs, S&T Information dissemination and services;

A dedicated website for ASEAN-India Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation is operational under the domain name