Sub-Committee on Materials Science and Technology (SCMST)

Terms of Reference

Sub-Committee for Materials Science and Technology is responsible for the management, coordination, evaluation and implementation of regional projects related to materials science and technology. The sub-committee is also entrusted to review ongoing projects under purview and assess the effectiveness and impact of their projects in strengthening the regional S&T capabilities. The functions of the sub-committee are:

  1. To plan, implement, manage, coordinate and monitor regional projects;
  2. To generate and promote development of experience of expertise and manpower;
  3. To facilitate and accelerate the scientific development and the transfer of technology;
  4. To promote collaboration activities among the ASEAN countries and with relevant international organizations;
  5. To suggest and establish suitable programme implementation bodies;
  6. To advice ASEAN COST on any matters related to materials science and technology.


The Sub-Committee on Materials Science and Technology seeks to develop new materials for a sustainable environment, to utilize both indigenous and waste materials, and to develop a strong base for future technology innovation through networking and human resources development. The sub-committee aims to undertake R&D collaboration which are generic in nature to ASEAN member countries in the areas of materials for management of the environment, environment friendly materials from resources in ASEAN, materials for high technology applications utilizing indigenous sources, and biodegradable and recyclable materials. The sub-committee also intends to develop a technology information network as well as mechanisms for technical consultations for industrial concerns, technology transfer and exchange of human resources for R&D work.

Priority Areas for 2007-2011:

  1. Nanomaterials, functional materials
  2. Biomaterials to biomedical materials
  3. Environment-friendly materials including biodegradableplastics and recyclable materials

Specific Objectives:

  1. To undertake inter-ASEAN collaborative R&D on new and innovative materials for high technology applications;
  2. To develop environmental friendly materials;
  3. To establish network for the exchange of information;
  4. To enhance human resources development programme through training, seminar and workshop;
  5. To promote optimum utilization of facilities through scientist and student exchange.

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