Sub-Committee on Biotechnology (SCB) – Terms of Reference & Projects

SCB seeks to promote regional cooperation in biotechnology for improvement and production of selected bio-materials for agriculture and industry; application of biotechnology for improving quality and production of plants, animals and microorganisms and their products; pilot scale design and computer controls of biological reactor; medical biotechnology, bioremediation and bioprospecting; and, to further develop human resource along these areas. The Sub-Committee also seeks to develop network on biotechnology. In addition, the Sub-Committee will promote technology transfer and licensing of technologies belonging to ASEAN Member States (AMSs). The possibility of joint ventures with the private sector will also be explored. 

The priority areas of SCB for the period of 2016-2025 are: 

  1. Agricultural biotechnology 
  2. Medical biotechnology
  3.  Environmental biotechnology (e.g. biowaste, bioremediation, etc.) 
  4. Aquatic and marine biotechnology 
  5. Industrial biotechnology (e.g. enzyme technology, food manufacture, etc.)
  6.  Bio-resource management and utilisation 
  1. To carry out the collaborative research on selected topics of the core projects in the areas of agricultural (plant, animal and microbial) biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, and medical biotechnology;
  2. To develop human resource;
  3. To establish the ASEAN biotechnology information network

The Chairmanship will be for a period of 3 years and follow the schedule based on rotation of Chairmanship by alphabetical order. 

Chair 2024-2026: Malaysia

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