Sub-Committee on Meteorology and Geophysics (SCMG)

Terms of Reference


The Sub-Committee on Meteorology and Geophysics seeks to enhance the capabilities of Services in meteorology and geophysics to safeguard lives and properties of the people in the Region and for application sectors (such as aviation, agriculture, maritime, tourism); to improve forecasting services and early warning systems related to the mitigation of natural disasters caused by meteorological and geophysical phenomena; and to establish/enhance appropriate Centres to support the requirements of ASEAN member countries in the field of meteorology, satellite meteorology, climatology, seismology, volcanology and meteorological and geophysical related environmental issues. In support of these requirements the Sub-Committee coordinates the networking of meteorological, seismological and volcanological systems including standardization of meteorological and seismological measurements. In addition, research will be undertaken on areas of meteorology and geophysics including climate prediction, monsoon meteorology, transboundary marine and air pollution, palaeo seismology and earthquake prediction, hazard zonation and assessments. Training and exchange programmes will be undertaken to support these activities.

Priority Areas for 2007-2011:

  1. Climate, climate change and climate variability
  2. Meteorological and geophysical issues
  3. Regionally and meteorologically- related environmental issues
  4. Capability building of national meteorological and geophysical services

Specific Objectives:

  1. Climate, Climate Change and Climate Variability
    1. To strengthen the capabilities of the ASEAN SpecialisedMeteorological Centre (ASMC) and of every ASEAN member country.
    2. To encourage capacity building within ASEAN countries in climate information and prediction services.
  2. Meteorological and Geophysical Issues
    1. To further strengthen the coordination among members in weather observations and the exchange of data and products.
    2. To promote exchange of seismological, volcanological information and near real time sharing of seismic data.
  3. Regional Meteorological Related Environmental Issues
    1. To enhance the capability of ASEAN National Meteorological Services to monitor and model transboundary marine and air pollution in particular haze episodes.
    2. To enhance ASEAN’s capabilities in satellite meteorology and atmospheric acidification measurement.
    3. To strengthen & expand ASEAN’s participation in WMO-Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) related activities.
  4. Capacity Building of National Meteorological and Geophysical Services
    1. To assist ASEAN member countries in enhancing the use of Information Technology (IT) and having adequate resources and facilities.
    2. To encourage the use of IT for rapid exchanges of data products and for disseminating weather forecast and warning, and seismological information for the public.
    3. To assist the National Meteorological Services of member countries to develop more client-oriented services.
  5. Research and Development
    The Sub-Committee will assist in the enhancement of the of meteorology and geophysics in ASEAN through the promotion of studies and coordination of the exchange of knowledge, skills, material and publications for the following areas: weather modification, regional monsoon climatology and prediction, regional climate change including sea level rise and their impacts, ENSO and its impacts in the Region, transboundary marine and air pollution, and paleoseismological and seismological studies on active faults.Click here for directory of SCMG Focal Points