Sub-Committee on Marine Science and Technology (SCMSAT)

Terms of Reference


The ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST) was established in 1978 to initiate and promote ASEAN’s cooperative programmes in the field of science and technology. The Sub-Committee on Marine Science (SCMS) was formed as one among major programme areas of ASEAN COST. The Sub-Committee is responsible for the management, coordination, evaluation and implementation of regional programmes/projects in the priority area of marine science. The Sub-Committee is also entrusted to review on-going programmes/projects under its purview and assess the effectiveness and impact of its programmes/projects in strengthening the regional marine science capabilities.

The 38th ASEAN COST Meeting (Report of the 38th COST Meeting, Singapore, 27-29 October 1999, para 87) has requested all Sub-Committees to review their terms of Reference (TORs) for COST submission and adoption.

At its Side Meeting on 8-9 May 2000, held back-to-back with the 39th ASEAN COST Meeting in Vientiane, Lao PDR, member countries were unanimous to rename the Sub-Committee into the ASEAN COST Sub-Committee on Marine Science and Technology (SCMSAT), with the following functions, objective and priority areas.


  1. To plan, formulate, implement and monitor regional project;
  2. To promote development and networking of expertise and manpower;
  3. To facilitate and accelerate the transfer of scientific development and technologies;
  4. To enhance regional cooperation; promote collaborative activities with international organizations and dialogue partners;
  5. To suggest and establish suitable programme implementation bodies;
  6. To advice ASEAN COST on any other matters; and
  7. To assist obtaining financial support and to seek funding sources


The Sub-Committee on Marine Science and Technology seeks to promote sustainable development of marine living and non-living resources while increasing the potential of these resources to meet the requirements of ASEAN. It also seeks to increase the number of qualified personnel in marine science and technology.

Priority Areas for 2007-2011:

  1. Marine biotechnology
  2. Transboundary marine pollution
  3. Marine hazards mitigation

Click here for directory of SCMSAT Focal Points

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