1. China – ASEAN Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition To advance cooperation on science, technology and innovation and enhance regional innovation capacity between China and ASEAN.ASEC (SCIRD), MoST China, Torch Center China, China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC)2022 – Present
2. China-ASEAN International Cooperation Seminar on Climate ChangeTo strengthen ties and communication, build human and institutional capacity, explore international cooperation, and enlarge actions in mitigating climate change and achieving sustainable development within the region.Yunnan Academy of Scientific and Technical Information – China and ASECFeb 2022 – Present
3. ASEAN-China Training Workshops and SeminarsTo build up human capital in technology transfer and commercialisationCOSTI-MM (SCIRD) and MOST China2022 – Present
4. ASEAN-China Joint Research Project (ACJRP)To promote interdisciplinary, problem-oriented solutions by research and development collaboration concerning the Fourth Industrial Revolution and address challenges in mutually agreed areas.MOST China, ASEC (SCIRD)2022 – Present
5. The forum on Facilitate China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (FCATTC)To conduct a high-level intergovernmental forum between China and the ASEAN Member States.MoST China, CATTC and ASEC2013 -Present
6. China-ASEAN STEP Programme: Talented Young Scientist Visiting Program (TYSP)To facilitate young scientists form AMS to conduct research in Chinese institutes for up to 1 yearMoST China2013 -Present
7. Regional Joint Research Center (JRC)To establish regional joint research centers with ASEAN, such as China-ASEAN S&T  Cooperation Center for Public Health (located at Peking University), and China -ASEAN Joint Research Center on Mariculture Technology (located at Sun Yat-sen University).MoST China2023 – Present