[Call for Application] 2022 China – ASEAN Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

2022 China – ASEAN Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is now Call for Application.

Please find more information below.


I. Competition process

  1. Initial Selection
  2. Semi-finals
  3. Finals

Deadline for submission: 5 November 2022
Please submit registration form to corresponding contact point for your respective country.

You may download registration form through the following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LbcafjgFgbTKXDMdhosnPLi_XEfkzn-m?usp=sharing


Fields of participating projects:

  1. Modern agriculture
  2. Digital economy
  3. Biomedicine and health
  4. Energy conservation and environmental protection

II. Participating Groups and Requirements
The Competition is open to Chinese and ASEAN universities, institutes, enterprises and other social organizations. The participants are divided into enterprise groups and team groups.

A. Enterprise Groups

  • Legally registered in China or AMS. The intellectual property rights of participating projects shall be dispute-free.
  • Registered and established after January 1, 2017 (inclusive). The register capital does not exceed US$4.5 million.
  • The operating income of the enterprise in 2021 does not exceed US$30 million.
  • Non-listed enterprises that operates in compliance with local rules, and have good social reputation without bad records (enterprises listed on the NEEQ or the Regional Equities Exchange and Quotations are allowed to participate in the Competition).

B. Team Groups

  • With technological innovation achievements and entrepreneurial plans that have not been registered as enterprises currently, such as entrepreneurs, excellent start-ups with S&T ability, start-up teams from Universities, etc.
  • Core team members must participate in and execute the projects. Projects shall be planned, developed or operated by core team members. The products, technologies and related intellectual property shall belong to the core team members and are free from any property rights disputes.

III. Participation Requirements

  • The Competition will be held with the division of the participants into enterprise groups and team groups. Each team should have no less than 3 core members (inclusive) and at least 50% (inclusive) Chinese or AMS. The participants from China, AMS and other countries are encouraged to form a joint group. In a joint group, the total number of Chinese participants or AMS participants should be no less than 50% of all members.
  • Participants must strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the People\’s Republic of China and AMS, and follow the public order and good customs of both sides.
  • The official language of the Competition is English. All registration documents must be submitted in English according to the requirements. The roadshow and Q&A of the semi-finals and finals will also be conducted in English.

IV. Competition Schedule

The Competition consists of initial selection, semi-finals, and finals. The semi-finals will be divided into enterprises groups and team groups according to the above four fields. The proportion of the teams advancing into finals will be determined by the number of semi-final entries of each field. The finals will be divided into enterprise groups and team groups with all fields of participating projects competing together.

V. Awards
The first, second and third prizes as well as Cooperation Stars and Creativity Stars will be selected in the final. The awards are set as follows:

A. Team Groups
Bonus and certificates of honor will be granted to 10 winning teams, including 1 first prize with 40,000 RMB (~USD 5,600) bonus, 3 second prizes with 20,000 RMB (~USD 2,800) bonus each, and 6 third prizes with 7,000 (~USD 1,000) RMB bonus each.

B. Enterprise Groups
Bonus and certificates of honor will be granted to 10 winning enterprises, including 1 first prize with 50,000 RMB bonus (~USD 7,000) , 3 second prizes with 30,000 RMB ( (~USD 4,200) bonus each, and 6 third prizes with 10,000 RMB (~USD 1,400) bonus each.

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