Sub-Committee on Biotechnology (SCB)

Terms of Reference


The Sub-Committee on Biotechnology seeks to promote regional cooperation in biotechnology for improvement and production of selected bio-materials for agriculture and industry; application of biotechnology for improving quality and production of plans and animals and their product; pilot scale design and computer controls of biological reactor; medical biotechnology, bioremediation and bioprospecting; and, to further develop human resource along these areas. The Sub-Committee on Biotechnology also seeks to develop network on biotechnology. In addition, the Sub-Committee will promote technology transfer and licensing of its technologies. The possibility of joint ventures with the private sector will also be explored.

Priority Areas for 2007-2011:
1. Food and horticultural crops
2. Improvement of livestock production
3. Bioremediation
4. Bioprospecting
5. Value-addition to natural products
6. Bioinformatics

Priority Areas for 2012-2015
1. Agri-biotechnology
2. Healthcare biotechnology
3. Emerging technology
4. Bioprocessing

Specific Objectives:

  1. To carry out the collaborative research on selected topics of the core projects in the areas of agricultural (plant, animal and microbial) biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, and medical biotechnology;
  2. To develop human resource;
  3. To establish the ASEAN biotechnology information network

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