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List of Networks

No Image Network Name Sub-Committee/ Centre
1 ASEAN Network for Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines, and Traditional Medicines Innovation (ASEAN-NDI) SCB
2 ASEAN Network on Microbial Utilisation (AnMicro) SCB
3 ASEAN Large Nuclear and Synchrotron Facilities Network (ALNSN) SCIRD
4 ASEAN Network of Excellence Centre of Biomass Conversion Technology (ANEC) (Expansion from ANBOR) SCIRD
5 ASEAN Foresight Alliance (AFA) SCIRD
6 ASEAN Young Scientists Network (AYSN) SCIRD
7 ASEAN Dosimetry Network (ADN) SCIRD/EGM
8 ASEAN Technology Transfer Network SCIRD
9 ASEAN Metrology Network SCIRD/EGM
10 ASEAN Network on Weather Modification SCMG
11 ASEAN Network on Metallurgy and Metallic Materials SCMST
12 ASEAN Sustainable and Environmental Materials SCMST
13 ASEAN Network on Biomass Open Research (ANBOR) SCSER
14 ASEAN Network on Nuclear Power Safety Research (NPSR) SCSER
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