Hanoi Plan of Action (1999-2004)

The Hanoi Plan of Action (HPA) was the first in ther series of plans of action building up to the realisation of the goals of the ASEAN Vision 2020. Covering the period 1999-2004, the HPA proposed a range of measures to:

  1. Strengthen macroeconomic and financial cooperation (especially trade and economic liberalisation);
  2. Enhance greater economic integration;
  3. Promote science and technology development and develop information technology infrastructure;
  4. Promote social development and address the social impact of the financial and economic crisis;
  5. Promote human resources development;
  6. Protect the environment and promote sustainable development;
  7. Strengthen regional peace and security;
  8. Enhance ASEAN’s role as effective force for peace, justice and moderation in the Asia-Pacific and in the world;
  9. Promote ASEAN awareness and its standing in the international community; and
  10. Improve ASEAN’s structures and mechanisms.

The HPA outlined specific S&T areas that should be developed, such as promotion of S&T development and development of IT infrastructure and networks, research, HRD, sustainable development as well as S&T management and future directions.

Download the Hanoi Plan of Action here.