ASEAN – U.S. Cooperation in The Field of Science, Technology and Innovation

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Nada Marsudi participated in the event of reflecting on US Govermment Support to ASEAN through the ASEAN US partnership for Good Governance, Equitable and Sustainable Development and Security (PROGRESS).

In the thematic topic of Regional Leadership Promoted (Rules-based ASEAN, Judicial Network, and Science Technology), chaired by Mr Dhannan Sunoto and Ms Zullia Saida; Nada Marsudi informed the audience on the experiences on hosting the ASEAN US ST Fellows 2014-2018. In this case, the Indonesian MoRTHE hosted 6 fellows, out of 35 ASEAN US ST Fellows. Attending d event was Dr Vanny Narita, which represented the ASEAN US ST fellow in 2015-2016, in the field of Biodiversity. Other ASEAN US ST Fellows from Indonesia were Dyah Marganingrum (LIPI) – Water Management, Wiratni Budhijanto (UGM) – Energy Security, Akhmad Rizal (UNIBRAW) – Biodiversity, Frida Sidik (KKP) – Climate Change and Climate Variability and Edi Kurniawan (LIPI) – STI Policy, Muhammad Makky (UNAND) and Ahmad Agung Setiawan (UGM) – Sustainable Energy.

In addition, Nada also appreciated the programs of Young South East Asia Leaders Initiatives (YSEALI) Innovation Challenge, in which that Mino Microbubble Generator technology for increasing fish production (UGM) won this YSALI competition, becoming the 1st winner in ASEAN. Fajar Sidik Abdullah represented the MINO team couple years ago.

Both ASEAN US ST Fellowship and YSEALI really support the MoRTHE and ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST) Programs, as those young ASEAN fellows and innovator(s) from Indonesia will benefit the institution, host institutions, Indonesia, ASEAN and the USG as one of ASEAN dialogue partners. But, more of it, those young and genius fellows and innovator have been benefited due to their engagement in such programs. Indeed, we all know that to create innovative nations, we should start from human resource development. Therefore, this kind of programs should be continued in the future, so such young millennials would have more opportunities in experiencing the similar programs.

At the end of the meeting, the audience expressed our satisfaction of the ASEAN US PROGRESS programs. We wish that such program could be extended and believe that the results would be optimally utilized by the ASEAN US society.

Bureau of Cooperation and Public Communication
The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (MoRTHE)

Photo: Ardian Syaputra, Nova Febriyani, Nada Marsudi

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